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URGENT: What happened after: Order Cancelled by Fiverr Support Team

I had a bad experience with a buyer who tried to cancel the order ( Order completed ) because the same topic of the videos I made is already available on YouTube ( The videos are made from scratch, different colors, different images… totally different and 100% free copyright) I want to modify the videos just to leave a good impression. but after checking his channel, and I found that he still using the first videos.

I asked him why he used the old videos, do you just trying to get new videos for free? and he told me that I disrespect him, he contacted the Fiverr support telling them that the same topics are already available on YouTube and he doesn’t wanna problems with YouTube ( the topics are chosen by the buyer ).

Now, I received a notification: Order Cancelled by Fiverr Support Team!

No problem with the time and money I lost Because I always avoid the problems. I just want to ask what happened after this notification? can I continue working or should I wait for a reply from Fiverr? can Fiverr remove my gig or something after some days. ( i have more than 120 reviews 5 stars in this gig, and I never had a bad experience like that )

Now, my account and gigs work normally. I really need help because I don’t really know what to do. Thank you


You should be okay. CS canceling the order does not mean you cannot continue working on Fiverr. I have had 20 orders canceled and I am still working after being here going on 3 years. Relax. :wink:


Thank you so much for your reply! i’m really afraid because i never had an experience like that.


There is no need to be.


While Fiverr is a great platform to generate freelancing income, we should always have some other sources of income, just in case anything happened. My mistake was too busy or lazy to branch out to other platforms for freelancing projects or other source of income and when things happened, it was too late.

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I hope he doesn’t receive a ToS warning.

The buyer must have shown proof to CS for using copyright/trademark infringing materials.
Note: The order was marked as complete by the buyer along with the review.

You should also contact CS and clarify the reason for this cancellation so as to avoid it in future.


There is often an issue with a reverse-charge that the buyer initiates through their payment provider. It looks like it’s done by Customer Support the way it shows up on your alerts, but often it’s just an automated system.

I believe the advice on your other thread mentions it, but just ask CS why the cancellation, and they’ll be able to tell you. If it’s a reverse-charge, that’s a violation of TOS on the buyer’s side, so they’ll likely get banned.

(I do wish they changed the notification to an alert that it was a reverse-charge instead of customer support, so that it didn’t scare us sellers so badly)

If it wasn’t a reverse charge, they’ll still be able to let you know the issue.


There is nothing in the OP’s post to make me think he would get a TOS warning.:roll_eyes:

Besides, if CS were going to give him a TOS warning it would have been at the same time he got the cancellation notification or shortly thereafter. :neutral_face:

Also, by your making this statement, you more than likely caused @reysayoub unnecessarily to worry. :frowning_face:


I didn’t comment on the post :slightly_smiling_face:, it was meant for the order that got cancelled after buyer marked it as complete and left the review too as stated by the OP.

There has to be some solid reason with proofs if CS cancelled the order post completion. :upside_down_face:


Is the buyer still active on Fiverr? If their account is gone, they did a chargeback via their payment provider, and Fiver banned them for it.

If he’s still using the videos after cancellation, you can contact YouTube with the proof that he’s using your videos he didn’t actually purchase (since he got his money back), and ask them to take your videos down.


Yes, like a charge back. At any rate, I did not like seeing OP’s stress level being brought up even higher than it was. :roll_eyes:

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