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(URGENT) What should I do? Need advice/help

So someone reached out to me that he wants some video editing done.
Once I was done with editing it I sent him a drive link.
A few minutes later he told me that he does not like my editing style.
He asked me to add music,transitions,basic editing,CC and some other stuff.
I have did what he asked me to do but he is not interested in using his unlimited revisions.
He is probably gonna ask me for a refund. The amount he paid me was $100. I did spend alot of time on the editing his video.
What should I do? Should I take another bad review or should I refund?
I do have 17 reviews (4.8) also video editing gig is my most sold gig!


I will advice that you refund his fund, it is better than having another negative rating. most of the time, refunding client is actually the best way because if you have good 5 stars, it will give you more chances to win more jibs in the future and you will discovered that the $100 is nothing compared to what you would have made. Just think about it. refund his money and move on.

Actually it’s the other way around nowadays.

A cancellation will most likely hurt their performance a lot more than a negative review.

Plus the OP worked hard on the order already.


Get that darn thing out of all your gigs right away.

Unlimited revisions really shouldn’t be a thing on Fiverr, but it is and it brings an avalanche of potential problems with it.


A question you are asking should be decided buyer !
Whether he want to use his unlimited revisions or want a refund…,
You are in the situation where you can not decide what to do but it’s buyer !

The client isnt even interested in using it

That’s actually a good thing.

Doesn’t change the fact that unlimited revisions has no place on any sane gig.


Lets see where this goes, I really hope hes interested in explaining it rather than cancelling the order.

if things don’t go well visit the Fiverr support and give the buyer a refund instead of having a bad review

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The culture of refunding orders when there’s even a slight chance of a negative review really boils my blood now. The more people that do this, the more buyers will expect to get away with it. Anyone with more than 10 reviews shouldn’t even consider refunding if they have worked on something. However, when the amount is small I understand it.