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I have decided that Fiverr might be where after millions of years, evolution finally draws to a standstill for many people.

I took 2 animated video orders a few days ago which should have been easy. The only problem was that neither buyer provided any of the details I needed to start work. When they did, they then didn’t send the correct details and started haranguing me for as urgent delivery as possible. In this case, I stayed up until 5am doing revisions on videos and even started saying “Ok, before I render this again, are you sure that all of your details are correct this time?”

Half and hour later, yes, you guessed it, “whoops, we forgot something, can you include it quickly?”

In the end, I politely told the last buyer to go suck eggs as I had already given them ample time to provide a clear brief and needed to sleep. Anyway, I put that whole evening down to a run of in general idiotic Fiverr buyers. The only problem is that now they are back!

I took another video order 2 days ago. The guy paid an extra $10 for me to include his logo but didn’t send it - or a link to his website. Then for a video based around using high-res product images in a commercial context, he sent blown up thumbnails which look grainy on even a mobile phone screen.

Of course, I sent a message immediately stating what I needed before I could start work. The buyer then sends a few files of yet more garbage that I can’t do anything with. The only problem is that I’m in the process of transitioning back into the real world of work and have been offline for the best part of the past couple of days. Now then, I’m making this guys video with the materials he has provided and I just know that in ten hours there’s going to be a big fat REJECTED message hurtling into my inbox.

After this, there will then be numerous requests for a change to the script used and questions about why the quality of the images and included logo is so bad. I’ve decided, though, that I’m neither going to offer to cancel or make any revisions. If people want to behave like idiots, I’m just going to treat them as such.

In this case, how do you refuse to make revisions that are not your fault? Do you request further payment or do you simply say “EFFOFF!” in such a way that that doesn’t land you in hotwater with CS but does get your point across?

I basically state the issues and redeliver the original file. I also write my EFFOFF stuff but delete that, as it is cathartic. I also mention something about Customer Support and that I will be contacting them for support. Seems to put the willies up a lot of them. Basically, play mind games while being honest! If they’re stupid–as yours apparently is–then they may just slink off back to Idiotica, never to darken your door again. Which is ideally what you want…

Well, it’s actually so far so good. I threw in some begrudging but necessary extras like scene colour changes, so fingers crossed. I am, however, determined not to work on this project further should the buyer request a revision.

Certainly you have a right to ask for more payments for more work.

You know, if I did this, I’d be raking it in. My problem is that none of my video gigs are over the 100 review mark yet and I’m usually always trying to deliver spot on service. Now, though, it’s just really tiring. That said, I did have a buyer who kept ordering full custom videos for $5 even though he knew from ordering previously that the price would be at least $30. In this case, I reduced my basic number of revisions to 0 and started charging him $25 per revision and that sharp got shot of the scoundrel.