URL Warning then no orders


Hi all,

I’m pretty new to Fiverr. I posted a gig a week or so ago which took off quite nicely and I was getting a couple of orders a day. Last Friday/Saturday I received a message saying I’d placed a URL in my profile which was not allowed. My mistake, it has since been removed. It wasn’t a bad link, just to my blog, but I appreciate it is against the roles now. Since then, I’ve not had a single order.

Would my gig be dropped down the pages or something as a punishment for the link?

Many thanks!


Head over to customer support and ask them if there is a problem :slight_smile:


I’ll do that, thanks ozzie!


Yeah I got a reply and I was fine. Just dropped naturally it appears.

But it’s back now and I’m getting orders again, thanks all :slight_smile: