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Urls in Buyer Requests (View Offer area) should be clickable

It would be great if the urls shared by freelancers are clickable.

I had posted a website assignment and got quite a few responses with urls of sample work. But each url has to be copied and launched.

I’m sure this being a freelance website a lot of sample sharing happens via urls. It would be great if any url in the message could be automatically made clickable (like it happens when you send a url via email on gmail)



If you’re referring to Fiverr Inbox messages on the Desktop version of the site, URLs are already made clickable automatically - it’s been like this forever. The only times when URLs are not clickable is when the sender types them incomplete or in a bad format (I’m working with URLs on Fiverr every day since the last 8 years, and they’ve all been clickable so far)

However, I don’t know if it works the same on the Mobile version of Fiverr or in the Buyers Requests section…

[edit: I just checked on the Mobile version of the site, and URLs in messages are clickable there, too; however, apparently URLs are not clickable in the Buyer Requests section]



I was talking about the Buyer request section (one with heading View Offers). That’s where it should be incorporated as well.


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Nope, they are not. They must be copy and pasted as OP said.