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Urrgghh ! not getting even a single job since last 1 and a half month ! Friends few tips needed!

Well I am on fiverr since last 1 year and well I know about the ups and downs on fiverr regarding jobs. But have to say that this time its the worst, I have ever seen since the first job. Its been straight 1 and half month but no jobs !! If you have any advice regarding this problem, Please share it :stuck_out_tongue: I totally need it !

i know the problem and probably could help you but they will ban me (which is actually I do not care but… you know the feeling).

I am not that long on fiverr but I also expirienced this. You just have to be patient and the orders will come.

I’d consider offering more than 1 gig. At one point, I had 5 or 6 different types of gigs all related to writing:

I’ll ‘write your article’, ‘write a script’, ‘write a product review’, ‘write a blog post’, ‘write a press release’ etc.

More gigs gives you the opportunity to use more tags and consequently end up in front of more eyes and more search pages than you have with just 1.

Yes, you will somewhat dilute your ratings, but until you hit that critical mass here of constant work (which I’m pretty sure all the top writers here have hit), the benefit is worth it IMO.

Also, you’re billing yourself as a writer, and yet you have grammatical errors in your profile. Just sayin’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @lermax: lol :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah please don’t do anything which may get you in trouble :slight_smile:

brandontvedt said: Also, you're billing yourself as a writer, and yet you have grammatical errors in your profile. Just sayin'
So do a bulk of Top Rated Sellers! ;)

Reply to @itsyourthing: Well said mate :slight_smile:

Reply to @ajits733: :slight_smile: Unfortunately, “success” often has little to do with skill, talent or work ethic.

Reply to @ajits733:

This is an old post,but, I will give you my recessional two cents since you recently replied to someone.

I just revisited your page and you have actually taken significant steps to change your public perception and ranking—one by replying to that fraud charge…

brandontvedt’s advice seems like the best at this juncture.

Aside from what’s written and the improvements listed above. There is one thing you are probably not doing, that you really need to do.

Promote! There is no secret to getting more gig sales, the answer is to treat your gig like it was your business… And it is! Your Fiverr gig is ‘your’ business that ‘you’ have to run.

That includes promoting your own gig.

Here are some suggestions.

Promote using your Facebook profile.

Promote using your E-Mail contacts.

Promote using your Twitter account.

Promote to your family.

Promote to your friends.

Everyone has some of the possible avenues I’ve written to promote to.

Like I said. There’s no secret. Fiverr is not responsible for your gig sales. They are only the space (Or your Store) that you rent. The only person responsible for sales is you!

So get out there and Promote yourself! Any way you can!

Reply to @pearlsant: Yes, he brought it to my notice that I needed to update my profile. Thanks to him too !

Reply to @bigbadbilly: Yes, I think the promotion part is weak in my case. I’ll try my best to apply your advice in my working, Thanks a ton :slight_smile:

Reply to @brandontvedt: I am now creating few gigs by taking your advice :slight_smile: Thanks for the advice and pointing my mistake out. :slight_smile:

I like this thread.

The OP had a real problem. Lots of people offered good, solid advice (as often happens) and the OP responded, utilized many of the suggestions, made appropriate changes…all good, right? Then he did something which DOESN’T happen as much as it should: he came back and said “thank you”!

This is one of the reasons I enjoy being part of Fiverr: most people here are very nice~

Reply to @celticmoon: Thanks for the kind words mate :slight_smile: and Yeah, that bunch of good people involves you too. :slight_smile:

Thanks, ajits733, and continued good luck to you (to ALL of us good guys ~lol~! :wink: