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US/AUS Buyers Are GOOD

The best buyers are from US and AUS. I love AUS and US buyers…

That’s lovely, but it’s not a tip and not everyone is likely to agree on your topic. Moved. Edit: I just noticed that your gigs and profile seem to be new. How did you find these buyers that you admire? Was the post just flattery to find a first buyer?

:smiley: that’s kind of cute

I think North Korean buyers are the best.

Nonsense. I’ve got clients who span the globe, and while the majority of my clients come from North America, I’ve worked with clients from almost anywhere you can name. At the moment, my best clients are in China - they’re big spenders, they’re patient, and they’re polite, which is more than I can say for many of my American clients.


The behaviour of people depends upon their own mentality and nature. It has nothing to do with the geography :slight_smile:

I have high regard for the Chinese I have known and worked with.

Also I agree with that

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There are good and bad people in every country or every community. You cannot say that ALL people from one particular are All Good or All Bad.

Hope this helps you…

Hey design_king13 you are spamming the whole fiverr forum with your spam gig links. Please read the Forum Rules. This forum is for discussion. Please do not spam the forum for no reason.

Well recently one of my buyer was from China ( Basically ) and Live in USA.And He is the worst buyer I have ever seen until now.It has nothing to do with the geograph

Personally, I prefer extraterrestrial buyers. They are the best, human the rest.

Man, you should comment more often :smiley:

Geography is completely unrelated to the attitude of a buyer. Idiots come from all walks of life. :slight_smile:

Good catch @fonthaunt

There are good buyers anywhere, not only in US/AUS, I have had really good experiences with britons

Totally agree

:slight_smile: Little harsh but so true

I’m not sure but I think someone on here actually managed to get a buyer from North Korea. Extremely rare because only a few super elite & loyal people can access the Internet.