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US Based providers

Is there a way to search specifically for US based Fiverr providers? I have been very disappointed in my experience here on Fiverr so far. The common denominator seems to be foreign based providers.


also, wouldn’t the common denominator also be you? You are partial to those orders as much as the providers are, right?

No, and it actually wouldn’t work to do so. Since many sellers know how to use a proxy to set their location or live in the U.S. or U.K. but have moved, a sort by location alone wouldn’t help you. The best thing to do is to seek out sellers who say they can do your tasks and if you want to check their country listing, look at their profile. You can sort through profiles pretty quickly and watch for preferred countries if you wish.

Message them with some real questions that are at least moderately complex. Not busy work, but some sort of valid questions. This is especially true for non-leveled sellers as sometimes levels weed out some sellers, but not always. See how they respond to your questions. Whether they list a country where English is spoken or not, the answers will usually help you determine if they are being honest about their fluency and whether or not they can communicate well with you.

I can assure you that the US has their fair share of bad sellers too. You dont specify what the issues have been but if it is mainly language based then you should probably start messaging people before ordering as @Fonthaunt says.
Another common reason for issues is low budget. If you are seeking US sellers but will only pay the equivalent of half the US minimum wage then you would probably still have problems.

There are good and bad sellers in every country. You can make sure you only hire sellers who list themselves in the U.S. but many are actually not in the U.S.

Send a message and see how they respond, and if there is any doubt keep searching.

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