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US person not in the US

Not really a good category for this. I don’t find a contact us place to put this so I am putting it here.

I am an American citizen so I must pay my taxes, and I have tried to get set-up. The landing page asks me if I’m a US person and I put yes, the first page it brings up it makes me give my address. Because the address is outside the US, the next page defaults to a page for non-us people.

What can I do to continue and get my tax forms all set-up correctly? My only thought is to use my mother’s address as though it were mine.

But I am well under the limit for not having to pay income tax living outside the US, but I still must pay the self employment taxes. So I want to be sure it is reported correctly for those issues.


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I’m guessing you’ve already read everything here:

To contact Fiverr, you can either open a ticket here:
Or send an e-mail to:

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