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US: W-9 Update Deadline - Tuesday, Sept 22

If you are a US Person* this a final reminder to update your W-9 with us before the next Tuesday.

If you do not update your W-9 information your account will remain active, but all Gigs will be denied and you will not be able to create new ones.

If you have already completed filling - no action is required.

If in fact you are classified as a US Person*, you will undergo a short process in which you will fill in Form W-9 that contains standard business information to include your contact information, full address and tax forms.

Fiverr will not use the information submitted as part of filling the Form W-9 for any purpose, apart from sending a 1099 form at the end of the year to the applicable tax authorities and update your billing address on Fiverr.

Please note that all sellers are required to check if they need to fill out a Form W-9, regardless of their place of residence. By not doing so, within 30 days, your Gigs will be subject to automatic deactivation.

Please read this article carefully for all the information.

Link to the original thread with a FAQ for the requirement.


If a seller who is not in US and doesn’t check it, there gig will be entitled to be automatic deactivation.

What if the seller is not that smart enough to check it, because i do have someone who i am sure will not check it, because he/she doesn’t live in US and doesn’t have great knowledge of this new thing and also I cannot talk to him/her anymore. I don’t want him/her to get his/her gigs deactivated and then be in stress.

Damn! Hope you see it.


All they have to do is answer no. If they aren’t smart enough to do that how can they be a seller?


Here’s a question for accountants.

If a buyer cancels an order, can I deduct that from my income taxes?

Also, I hope the W9 reports our earnings AFTER Fiverr takes 20% commission. If I sell $50, I’m really earning $40. I would hate to have the IRS think I’m earning $50.


I believe @mjensen415 said in the original post that the reported income was after the 20% commission.


If that happens it gets deducted from your earnings. You only have to pay taxes on what you actually earn. Not on cancelled orders since that amount was taken away from your earnings.


I updated w-9 form with no sign of US citizen recently.


Interesting. If they’re doing a reminder like this, it seems like many people have not yet clicked the Yes or No button. I clicked it on the same hour I received the notification.

I’ll take a screenshot of the active gig amounts in my category and compare it to gig amounts after 22th to see if there’s indeed a big drop in gigs, just out of curiousity.

I assume many would vanish because from what I have heard, many sellers live elsewhere but claim to live in US. Unless those people have changed their country by now, if it’s even possible.


Yes, there are many sellers who change their google address. I believe that’s how Fiverr gets to know which country you’re from?

And what will happen if someone Denies “No” in form W-9 even if they are a US person?


Good question. If you’re using VPN, then it’s more tricky to verify it. And I doubt they will go through payment details, address checking etc. to verify if a seller is truthful. I don’t see what they would gain from suspecting people about lying about not being in US. And there’s just sooo many sellers on Fiverr.


That’s a good idea. …

I’m also going to take screenshots of how many are in the US before and after.

I will post them both if I see a drop off.


It might be the gigs will be deactivated over the week after the 22nd instead of all at one time.


That’s a possibility! So should check it later than that probably.


They will know because the person who is claiming to be in the US will not have a valid social security number or EIN number. I’m not sure if they will check them all to be valid or not but the US tax service will probably notify them its not a valid number.

If a seller has said he is in the US but answered no on that form I would think fiverr would ban them or deactivate their gigs.


It’s not just a no.
It’s, Profile Picture > Settings > Form W-9 > No.

It’s not about smartness here, the Form W-9 is in the settings, and I am not sure Fiverr sends any notification, or popup or something else so a user can know they have to fill the Form W9.

And He/She has earned what only a minority of people will ever achieve on this platform.

I got a message and a ribbon at the top of my gig page that told me to fill it out.


Its mandatory for all. So Please Do it. :slightly_smiling_face: