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I like buyers from anywhere that respect me and my time and are OK compensating me for it. “It’s a international gesture of selflessness.” I can usually tell through several messages, if they do!

I think there is definitely different styles of negotiation that is culturally based. I was explained on a vacation that the street vender wanted to haggle the price. That was so weird to me. I really just wanted to know how much the wood carving was. I was told that the vender wanted to start out high and have this conversation with me? Like it was rude if I didn’t engage him? It was so different than I was use to. It was culturally different.

~I dont know cause I haven`t had a buyer x)

People in the USA cannot be generalized. We come from every country on Earth.

Name a country, and you will find people from that country here.

Hi guys,
I think it’s quite dangerous to start categorizing buyers as “good” or “bad.” This may sound naive, but I’m thankful for every buyer, no matter where he or she comes from or what he or she is buying. I’ve had great client from all over the world and many from the U.S. too. Keep up the good work guys! :slight_smile:

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Oh yes there are definitely bad buyers!

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@emasonwrites thanks for your clarity, and @fastcopywriter you are one of the few sellers that I have found that find messaging annoying, with me its the opposite I prefer to be contacted first if you are a new buyer so as not to cause any confusion in the order. Best wishes to you both as well as to you @mujtaba110!

Ikr @fonthaunt just the other day a buyer ordered and nothing in the order page his response for ordering, for fun, so I would rather we talk, negotiate and understand that we are on the same page before a buyer order.

My mindset is that of a Global Citizen, especially in a Global Economy…

The only reason I agree is that USA is at the top of my list as most orders by country. UK is my second favorite, then Canada, then Australia, then India, then…lol**

**This order can change at anytime and until another country takes over as my top producer, USA is my favorite, and will be for quite awhile as they have an insurmountable lead. :slight_smile:

Those who are saying that posting this will keep buyers in the forum away…if that’s how judgmental a buyer will be, it’s best not to deal with them anyway. Only thing that matters is RESULTS and if someone is trolling the forum for sellers and sees a seller who thinks USA has the best buyers but lives in the UK, and they don’t want to order from them, GOOD. Best for both parties. No one is perfect, and in the global marketplace of Fiverr, everyone should be treated the same, but stereotypes rise about for a reason and are true to an extent. The solution is to be able to handle them all accordingly, however, when someone is rude or tries to take advantage of your or your services, they should get the same back regardless where they are from! :slight_smile:

DTong (TRS)

And the worst are?
This post is very subjective, it cannot be taken seriously.

This is a kind of out there post. I am glad that you like my country as I am in the USA and I can tell that you like the general disposition of the people here. However, I do think that every country has good and bad buyers. I have had good buyers from all over. I think if you do a good job for people in general, they react well. Best wishes.

Is Suddenly this Post’s category changed from Tips for sellers to Conversation ?? :o

Reply to @iamjunaid: Yes that’s the main thing
if a buyer doesn’t know about what he exactly wants the seller to do how can he do the best job!!

Reply to @fonthaunt:
This post suggest that don’t lose your hands on the USA Buyers

Reply to @fonthaunt: This can be a discussion about the buyers from different countries we sellers deal here on Fiverr and what experience we get from our dealings and business.

Can be a lot of help for new ones who don’t know which customers deserve there time and which don’t.

Reply to @sunshy1: Hmmm. Well, if it is supposed to be

sunshy1 said: help for new ones who don't know which customers deserve there time and which don't.

I would add a tip that this should not be decided by country. As a buyer and a seller I have had good and bad communications/transactions with people from all over the world. 2 of the most difficult buyers I have had were from the U.S. All clients deserve your time until they demonstrate otherwise by their actions.

Reply to @fonthaunt:
i am just sharing my personal experience and a general preception
And i found this on Fiverr
if you disagree you have the right to do so!!

Reply to @maddisont: Yes they are
but USA customers are more likely to have a good approach to the seller at least they know what they want and what is the suitable wage for it

I have many customers who didn’t even know what exactly they want and hence i am not be able to complete them

P.S more important is they read the whole description of the gig !!!

Reply to @fonthaunt: On my 6 months experience and 400+ customers I can say that there are difference in buyer behaviour and work ethics according to their country.

I have 300+ customers from USA and I might have 3 or 4 bad experience in term of work ethics and payments like 1% bad and 99% awesome and it is exactly the opposite from the buyers I have had business from India. So a large data like mine simply makes his point right that yes USA buyers are better than rest of the world and except few USA customers deserves your time more than rest. ( My Personal Opinion )

Reply to @joeyperezwest: Well the thing is i am not stereotyping all Americans to be a good buyers
i am suggesting others not to lose your hand on them
they can be useful for the long-term projects and relationship


Reply to @fonthaunt: I was thinking the exact same thing.

@mujtaba110: Another point is, check your analytics page via the below link. Here it will show you exactly how many sales you’ve had from different countries. I’ve had 1 from Germany and 7 from USA. So, of course I’ll have more good things to say about American buyers!