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(USA) digital law

I have recently purchased a service to design for me but how do i know if the seller does not infringe other people’s work ? I dont want to be sued one day. ( The seller lives in another country )

That’s an excellent question. You are right to think about this. It can be very serious if you are using someone else’s design. I don’t know the answer but I hope that someone does.

This is a tough issue on Fiverr. You can get some great bargains here, but you also have to really check out what you purchase. Sellers are independent contractors, so it’s up to the buyer to make sure what they receive is as-described. If it’s not, you can get a refund. Here is another thread that was recently posted about copyright and it has some useful information in it:

I wrote about it sometimes around October last year but nobody noticed it. It is a big offence to violate copyright of other people. It is even wrong for a seller to send a completed work of another buyer as a sample.