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Usa real number for text/call varify

I have need a *******l number .i rant it monthly. please hepl me

Mod Note: You may not use the forum to request aid with deceptive practices.

You mean, you’re not really in the USA, well gosh, that’s a surprise.

If you’re going to be selling on here, you will need to verify your location with a legitimate phone number that matches your geographical location.

Why not switch the VPN off, if you’re using it, and Fiverr can pick up your real location.


How many of these posts are we going to get, I wonder.

It took me 1 minute to verify my account using my real phone number in my actual location. I didn’t have to rant monthly at anyone or anything!


I think it’s going to sort the men from the boys, the wheat from the chaff - all that malarkey. :grinning:


Reminds me of Joe Biden (folks in the USA would get it!) well a few perhaps LOL.


Keep your identity real.