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USCIS Translation Certification - Possible Scam?

Hello everyone. I’m facing a bit of a dilemma, I wonder if anyone can help me.

A customer just ordered one of my translation gigs and was even kind enough to include a tip. He had contacted me beforehand wondering if I could sign a translation certification for my own translation as well. It turns out, after I received the order, that I have to fill in my name, address, signature, everything. I’m worried that this might be a scam to get my personal information.

Is anyone familiar with USCIS procedures? Is this normal, or a scam?

Alternatively, anyone have any ideas how I can protect myself from identity theft and still get the certification out to the buyer?

Thank you all in advance.


I’ve done a little research, and a USCIC certificate simply means that you (as the translator) have translated the work accurately and not changed the meaning of the text. It’s mainly used for government-issued application forms to ensure the translator is competent and trustworthy.

If you search for USCIC gov, you should be able to find lots of information yourself.

I regularly sign non-disclosure agreements for confidential work, which is kind of similar, and I was sceptical at first as I didn’t want to reveal so much personal information. Just make sure your account/computer is secure before agreeing to anything.


Thank you for your post. That is very useful information. I just looked up USCIS gov, and found the information, which stipulates that the translator must provide his/her address. That is reassuring, I am a Fiverr translator myself, and I wondered about certified translations sometimes, because I have translated a few legal documents.

However, I thought that mentioning your personal details such as an address (unless for shipping) was not allowed on Fiverr?

Can someone enlighten me?

As an immigrant in the US I can attest to the validity of USCIS translations. It is not a scam. Immigration services need to verify that both the translation and translator are legitimate. Any checks that they conduct that turn out to show fraudulent matter results in both the immigrant and the translator being charged with immigration fraud. Deportation for the immigrant and federal charges for the translator. It is very important that you contact info is attached. Perhaps you should get in you’ve with customer support before proceeding. But again, this is not a scam.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: