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USD continue to go down

It’s been over 2 months since USD started going down without stopping. I am a bit worried because now when I do the conversation USD to EUR, I get 7% less than what I used to earn before. I may wait before withdrawing but USD keeps going down and I was thinking if it would be better to simply increase my prices…
What do you think about this?


Money value changes constantly. It is normal, and happens to every economy. Comparisons between two monetary systems are not guaranteed to remain the same.


you can wait for increase

It is a disaster. I will have to increase my prices if this continues, and USD is truly a sinking ship.


It falls in a day and takes 6 months to rise back to the previous state.

For me is 17% today.


Maybe this is why I’ve been getting more interest from buyers outside of the US. I guess their money is going further when they purchase my services?

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Well it’s nearly the same for me. Around 15% drop. I guess it will be a problem for buyers too, since they’ll see an increase of services’ costs.

We’ll see

I’ve noticed the same.

It’s just how the markets work.

USD may go up.

You never know.

I’m in Canada so I have typically a 25% exchange rate to work with.

Years ago converting USD to CDN was a 40% increase.

Those were good days.

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I would love to hear about this from someone in USA. Did things changed for them or it is just the world? is the price of bread in USA still the same, are salaries the same?

My 15$ GIG now is more like 20$, more for them same to me.

The economic situation in the US is not a pretty picture. With so many unemployed from the pandemic, the job market weakened, and many business futures looking bleak, I don’t think it’ll be improving any time soon…