Use 1 MasterCard in Two Fiverr Account


I have only one Payoneer MasterCard.I used it before and my fiverr account is banned.
Can I use this MasterCard In my New Fiverr account???


You’ll have to ask Customer Support.


I ask,But They don"t clear me.What can I do


Don’t use it then…
You do NOT want to get suspended a 2nd time.

Seek alternate method.
Since you already violated once, there’s nothing more that can be done.

Good Luck :thumbsup:

Please see it

Mod Note: Above link out of date. It is recommended that you wait for Customer Support or your new account could be banned too.


That forum thread is from 2012. Every company almost ALWAYS updates their Terms and Conditions every year.

So that thread is no longer relevant.