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Use A Press Release To Promote Your Website Or Gig Service


If you are looking at promoting your website then one of the best ways is to have a press release written.

What this does is, it will allow people to read about your website, a press release gets out there because it is news. A press release can also be used by blog owners or website owners as content for an article. So if they like the press release they will then either copy the whole of the press release and put it on their site, or they will use it to write an article, either way, they are promoting your company or fiverr gig and generating links to you.

With our service, we will write you a press release and then distribute it. This will gain you exposure to your fiverr gig or to your website.

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If you would like to ask me any questions on how a press release can drive traffic to your website then please send me a message.