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Use Appropriate TITLE for the gig


Hello There.

I noticed that new “LOGO DESIGNERS” used their titles as


these are really bad titles and there is lot of Grammer Mistakes too.
I think as Fiverr Rules Sellers SHOULD be use APPROPRIATE TITLE for the gigs.

Hope This Helps.


The problem is the laguage barrier. Most of the people writing titles like that do not know English that well and that is why there are so many grammatical mistakes. Unless Fiver is going to proofread manually and work with each seller to make sure it says what they mean it to say, I doubt it will ever happen.

But why does this bother you? If you are a seller, I would think you would not care about this because it just means that buyers will skip over it and look at your gigs.

But you might also want to fix your own gigs/gig descriptions, you have quite a few grammatical mistakes in yours too…


Exactly, why does this bother you?
You make logos too no need to get mad if you see gammar mistakes but they sell logos like crazy.


Fiverr Review my gig and Title and they Send me a MODIFICATION REQUEST to my gig and I changed all the things they told me and now its active :slight_smile: no worries for Grammer Mistakes of any gig. Description is Fine. but the TITLE is the Problem…
I know Every people can’t do 100% :slight_smile: and mine too :slight_smile:

Title is the Problem. My above Mentioned titles are not Appropriate I Think :slight_smile:

Hope Fiverr Fix it Soon :slight_smile:


TITLE is the Problem Mate :slight_smile:
Description and All other things are fine :slight_smile:


The problem is there is probably an alert that pops up telling them " The gig title is already in use". With the category being so crowded and most of the titles already being used new sellers often don’t have a choice .


The problem is with fiverr search algorithm.

Why are those gigs on the top of search results?
I have a gig title saying "I will be your proficient designer"
Where as I get almost 1-2 hits on my gigs in a MONTH.

It’s ridiculous but that is how fiverr works…
Before this trend, all gig titles were: “I will logo design”

Everyone needs to dumb down to that level to get to the top of search results.


Gibberish is the new trend @fiverr!


Interesting post, thank you for this.

Since English grammar is complicated it is best to have someone check your gig for grammar mistakes if you are from a country where it is not routinely spoken.


What should be Done


They’re on top because they get sales and positive reviews. The algorithm doesn’t discriminate on grammar and spelling.


I agree…title of the gig is very important and it may affect to the sales…so be careful and do researches for the title of the gig…


Hi there!!

We are new here.We check your review and we keep in mind that do not use grammatically incorrect titles as this can affect your sale.

Thank you for sharing this.


Thanks for your suggestion