Use buyer requests carefully :)


Hi Seller, Today i am going to give few tips about how to use buyer requests.
you only have 10 requests so use them carefully.

1.Don’t start sending requests randomly
2.Don’t consider a request which already got 20+ requests.

These two are the main points you should have in mind while sending buyer requests.

one more thing,you guys should only respond to that offer which you are 100% sure that you can do it.

instead of sending gig orders you guys should use custom orders.

why i recommend customer orders ? because you guys can freely select cost and delivery time.

Experience sellers cand share experience in comments below :slight_smile:


What is custom orders? I’m a newbie, please, guide me… :slight_smile:


while sending buyer request instead of sending gig offer send custom offer .


yea some spammers posting seller requests on buyer requests section as fiverr said they are working on it and fix this issue soon


This is nice and useful tips for sending buyers request…


wonderful tips for sellers.


Thanks divyagoel hope it helps the new sellers :slight_smile:


“Don’t consider a request which already got 20+ requests.” I wonder why would someone want to send the request on that offer but people still do it so…Thanks for the tips.


"aliuddin some new sellers do waste their offers on a requests which already got 20+ offers


Buyers Requests have netted me nothing. I follow the suggestions you have here, but so far have been unsuccessful in landing one of them. I soldier on.


Hi i’m new to fiver, I post request and it is unapproved everytime… ? don’t know why…


@christa09 *********buyers request is not for sellers


Nice tip thank you !


Another tip to add: Don’t just send a preworded offer, but take the time to read the request and other info provided (in my case, a script) and comment SPECIFICALLY on it in your offer.


@hughmura yea thats what i meant by custom offer


@hughmura You are absolutely right. As a seller sometimes I post request for services I need and when the offers starts coming in, I observed some sellers go off point on what I want and just send me some random message, they probably sent to all the buyers they made offers to. What i do is i only respond to the ones that send me custom offers. Mostly if i have like 25 offers, only about 3 or 4 will be custom offers. This also guided me in sending custom offers to buyers and it really works.


very nice thought , i like customs more than anything, give me more freedom or option to freely choose…works for us best


buyers request is for buyers requesting work , and if you can do it you send a message to the seller…if your a seller its not your place to promote in there though


no custom offer is different thing and hughmura is talking about something else


@soosmooth yea i am getting 90% of my buyer requests answer from custom offers