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Use caution contacting *********** [username]

First contacted ********** for a professionally designed landscape plan to submit to our hoa. This was for our new build home and was not a complicated design. Like his site said, inquire with him before purchasing his landscape design service. I sent our plot plan and what we were looking for. ********** said he received our info, would review and provide a quote. Next day ********** had questions about the plan requirements, specifically grading contours. I replied in a timely manner but never heard back, several days now. I tried contacting Fiverr support, asking how it is possible a seller can simply ignore a prospective client’s messages, especially after initially engaging them in back and forth conversation, with no repercussion, especially in the form of a review/rating. However Fiverr’s contact us form will not let me submit without an order number. I simply messaged ********** back letting him know it would have been appreciated if he just let us know he was not interested or too busy. Use caution when contacting ********** even though he has a 5 star rating, as customers who have inquired and not yet paid cannot rate/review him.

Mod Note: :clipboard: It is against the Forum Rules to negatively call out a buyer or seller. You may send the username to Customer Support if the user has actually violated the Fiverr Terms of Service, but the public forum is not the right place forrname call-outs.


You cannot use the name of the seller on the Fiverr Forum. Here it is called “Naming and Shaming,” and it is not allowed. If it is not removed, a amod will possibly delete your post or delete the name you mentioned.


Thank you for letting me know. It’s a shame, since he uses his name on his Fiverr page, but whatever. I’ve updated the post removing his name.

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You need to remove his user name too. :wink: That is more important than removing his first name.


Maybe your message got lost in the shuffle as some buyers receive lots of messages daily or maybe they simply didn’t want to work on your project. While I agree that letting you know would’ve been nice, in my opinion you’re blowing this way out of proportion.

Why should one be punished for passing out on a project? As you said yourself it was merely a prospect.

The fact you went to the Customer Support and then here to call them out publicly after having one message ignored tells me they may have actually dodge a bullet by decline working with you.

Again: I agree that letting you know would’ve been nice, but you’re blowing this WAY out of proportion.

Just choose a different seller instead of going after this one.


I’ve checked the forum Guidelines and cannot find anything that says a post cannot mention the seller’s name or user name. It says be civil, keep it clean, no “name-calling”, no offensive content, no spam, no disrespect, no harassment or grief and no posting confidential info. Even though the seller I’m posting about has displayed his own first name on his Fiverr page, I removed it. I am going to leave his Fiverr user name, as I don’t believe I’m committing any community guideline violations. I’m only sharing an honest account of what happened. If I could share my screenshot of our messages I would. Thank you for your replies.

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I disagree. I haven’t personally attacked the seller, just posted a factual account of what happened. How is this any different if you were to walk into a store, restaurant, etc. and asked for a service, meal, product, etc. but you were ignored? It’s not, it’s just online in the digital world, and for some reason people think they can ignore or disregard others. It’s a shame and those customers or potential customers should be able to review them. I have moved on btw. The second designer replied exactly how I suggested this seller reply, saying “I’m sorry but I’m 2 weeks out on any new projects and cannot get to yours immediately”. The third was very quick to respond and we’ve purchased his service. We are working on our plans with him and it’s going great. These two examples are good customer service. The first, not so much. If anything, I dodged the bullet, but thank you.

Even if it’s a bad customer service that seller also have a choice to reply or not to reply on your messages. He doesn’t owe you a reply, even if it’s not nice to be ignored.

Secondly: keeping his fiverr nickname is exactly a “name calling” which is not allowed.


If I walk to a store and I don’t like their service I simply move on. They won’t get my business and that’s enough for me.

I really only go out of my way to review places/services I really liked, the one’s I don’t like I just don’t return.

So it seems you’re both happy with the outcome, why not just let this one go? Make sure to praise the seller you’re working with now instead.


“Name-calling” refers to “abusive language or insults.”

I agree he has a choice of not replying, but if you read my initial post, 1. I messaged him, 2. He replied to me saying he will review and provide a quote, even directing me to his personal website, 3. He replied again asking questions about the project (grading contours) 4. I answered his questions. And now, no communication at all for several days.

I agree I would be blowing this out of proportion if he never replied, but we were waiting on his reply after already engaging him in conversation. We have a set number of days to provide our landscape design to hoa and completing the work and he was the direct result of us losing a weeks worth of that time.

For sure I will provide a good review of the seller we are working with. But again, hardly seems fair a seller who ignores customers after engaging them and making them believe he is reviewing their project and going to provide a quote is immune to any negative review.

Name calling refers to name calling, abusive language goes after comma as a separate thing.

Nope, sorry but that’s just simply not true. I’ve been respectful of everyone on this thread and made sure to review and understand the community guidelines. If Fiverr does not want seller names to be mentioned in posts, they should simply state exactly that. “Name-calling” as they put it in their community guidelines was referring exactly to what I’ve already defined, abuse and insults.

The above is from the forum rules. You are calling out a seller. And you are a calling him out in a negative way.


Thank you, @mariashtelle. I knew it was there.


Okay fair enough, I see that and agree now. However the guidelines I was reading for the forum are here: These guidelines do match the forum post on Dos and Don’ts that you and the moderator shared. Perhaps they should update the to be the same.

Perhaps Fiverr should update the to be the same. These guidelines do match the forum post on Dos and Don’ts that you shared.

The forum moderator who edited your original message would likely disagree. It is true, and the inappropriate “calling out” of the other Fiverr user was removed from your post.

The forum moderator did just that, in his/her edits of your post.

You cannot call out other users, and it baffles me why you are arguing to keep that right here on the forum, where the mods have already said (paraphrasing), “don’t do it”. The mods are the final law here on the forums, and they work hard to apply the rules, written and implied, fairly to all posts.


The same thing is done by lots of buyer its frustrating. I mean you can just give a simple reply that you are busy or already hired someone.