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Use color psychology to improve your gig

Thanks for the tips!

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Thanks @michal247, your post is really informative.

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Hey! There’s certain sites you can go to that help you build color schemes using color theory. I use it for coding and web design class at school.

Thanks for the valuable tips.

Thanks for your valuable information

Thanks for your tips

wow! You figure it out such a colorful things.


Got that red in there to increase attention, passion and energy. :+1:t3:

Interesting read even though it was an older post.


I want you to make all my gig images from now on. Also, I love how you are also known as Marty McFly. Awesome image!

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:joy: I made that image on my phone while waiting for my train to pull up. Marty McFly is my actual pen/rap name but when I signed up on Fiverr I didn’t plan on using it as a platform for ghostwriting.

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Now I know how my grandmother used to feel when she used to say “kids these days.” The most creative thing I can do with a smartphone is take a selfie that makes me look like one of the FBI’s 10 most wanted.

Already looking for you on Sound Cloud Marty!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: You can do better than that, at least aim for the Top 3 most wanted.

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:slightly_smiling_face: Thanks For Great Information.
:sweat_smile:But I wish Fiverr add the color options in Gig Description.


Too much helpful thank you so much.

Lol I hope that ‘thanks for the tips’ guys actually read this topic

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thought the same :grin:


My Story How I am Gaining Buyers Daily

in my early days 3 years ago i found this trick myself i was not getting any order so i stop everything and started learning fiverr i search through a lot and a try everything people do and mostly people do copy paste of other famous gig so i did that too but than i realize that its not gona help in long term than i decide i need to grab viewer attention so what we can do i was just going through search pages and suddenly i see fiver website is 90% white i mean their base color is white and primary is green so what color will be best on white obviously black, but no, it might be good contrast here we need to think as a user so i choose blue color as background and white as text for one and gig and for other i choose red background and now i am earning 99% from those two.

if any of you need help on your gig i will surely help you to understand fiverr and start earning .

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Very interesting piece.Thanks a lot for this share