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Use color psychology to improve your gig

Great idea…It’s important for all fiverr user.thanks

Thanks For the tips :innocent: :innocent:

Thank you very much for the tips :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Wow it’s very helpful article for me

Excellent, share your experience. Helpful for a new sellers.

Thanks for your valuable tip.

Hi, @michal i have just read your post (Part 1 and two). I’m a graphic designer professional but new on this platform. Can you advise me a color for my gigs?

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Michal, That color psycology topic is really helpful. Yes I will try to improve my gig banner colors. As well as will apply for further branding. Thank you. Keep posting :slight_smile:

Hi, as a graphic designer you want to look as a creative person. So orange and yellow fits. We don’t want to have our gig images too colorful tho, so maybe orange + white or yellow + white?

You can even dig deeper and for example if your target market is mostly made of males then you can utilize that and use colors that most of man likes, like blue.

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Wow it its very article for me. thank you for your advice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Okay Sir! Thank you…

I once tried these color psychology tips to improve my gigs, but my clients had psychological problems so it didn’t work.

Good advice… It’s important to make your gig pic more attention grabbing than your competitors. You need to make it so it attracts more eyballs than the rest of the gigs on the page. So that amongst all the other gigs buyers instantly see yours above all the others…

I saw my competitors where using dull, brown colors etc. So I made mine really vibrant, yellow and black so you see it instantly amongst all the rest.

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Wow it’s very helpful, Thanks for sharing.

But what is best color for new seller’s gig

wow ! That is really helpful for newbies like me. Thanks bro.

Thank you very much indeed for your posts! So far I have read two of them, and they are very helpful! greetings from Colombia! <3

it was very helpful.

Thank you so much for your valuable advice.

What do you think of purple? I saw it wasn’t listed.