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Use correct English to instill confidence in your buyers

As you well know, errors in English cause you to look less than professional. Have a fellow Fiverr (whom you know) look at your profile and point out where improvements are needed. Pair up with someone and help one another out!

At the same time, having perfect English in your descriptions (etc) and then having decidely poor English in communications is not going to look good either. Let’s say a buyer orders a gig based on the description; they could reasonably expect a similar level of English. If they’re then communicating with someone who actually has a basic level of English, there’s a certain amount of misrepresentation there. For a certain breed of person, that’s going to result in a less-than-spectacular review and moaning.

That said, unless you’re offering writing services (and to a lesser extent ENG–>native language translation services), it shouldn’t matter too much.

So true! That mismatch would spell doom for someone offering writing services.

There’s far too many gig descriptions written in English so poor that it is difficult to understand what is being offered. I don’t understand why-

A - Fiverr allows it to happen
B - Sellers don’t get wise and sort it out
C - Buyers would ever put their hand in their pocket

In my line of work (content writing) there is too much spun content that comes out as gibberish and then the sellers sends it anyway. About a quarter of my work is tidying up someone else’s mess.

A – I suppose there’s a way for the platform operator to address it but I suppose it’s a matter of resource allocation.
B – This is what I am suggesting, that people address it themselves.
C – If the gig were written well, sellers would get repeat business.

I’m glad you’re making a fortune providing a much-needed service. Spun content just chaps my hide! (Do you remember that commercial from way back when? Haha)