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Use Excel to Track your Activity

While Fiverr has wonderful sections for analytics and Revenues, doing your own accounting can be a fun way to keep track of the money you’re making, what you’re paying in commissions, and how close you are to your goal.

I like excel because it allows me to see how many orders it took to make X amount of money in one day, which gigs are selling most, which clients are repeat customers, etc.

Before Fiverr, I was never much of a goal setter. Why make plans when things rarely go the way as planned? But now my goal is to make $100 every day, and Excel allows me to see how many orders I still need to do to make that happen. Today for example I’ve made only $28 with 6 orders, yesterday I made $72 with 9 orders.

The only thing I’m not tracking is the time it takes me too complete each other, but if you want to try that, it might be a great way to see which gigs make you money fast and which one waste too much time.

If you’d like to share how you manage your Fiverr orders, go ahead.

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Reply to @ardicus: Sorry, I must have missed it. So how do you keep track? Are you keeping track?

Yes definitely, activity tracking is essential for busy sellers.

I find it hard to keep accurate logs. Maybe I just need a more efficient system because each time I try it seems to be a time-waster.

:smiley: I started this type of thread before too:

I think this is something lacking in fiverr… You wouldnt have to do this if the analytics were decent! As it is it only shows data from the past month and no detailed geg specific analytics. Wish they would make thst section show more detail!

Reply to @sabiansoldier: I agree. How are your sales going? Do you miss having a queue other people can see? I miss that.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: sales are good here, I’ve made over 1200USD so far this month (22nd), and actually my “orders in queue” seems to be back now as of a few days ago, which I’m pleased with. Don’t know if its back for everyone yet.

And I dont really keep track… probably should consider it

i personal use for tracking the time and Expense IQ(Android APP) for revenues

I have a habit of documenting excessively! Even though i’m not trying to make a living on fiverr i keep multiple stats lists. The sample one is based on date revenue clears.

I just make a pen and paper account, then deduct 20% off it at the end of the day. I do it as I go along to keep my motivation (which is sometimes woefully lacking) ticking over. I do general bookkeeping once a week through a similar method.

I just wonder if you know “export” function? In “My Selling”–>“Revenue”–>“export to csv” ?

It can export all history you can get via CSV files, sent directly to your email address.

You can create an EXCEL template to see your trends in EXCEL, once you get the CSV files.

The other thing I will do is to track Fiverr’s Gigs View/Clicks… Daily Data will be lost if you don’t save them within 30 days. It can be useful for SEO or improving your Gigs…

You can see attached for what I did. (Small number as I am new seller in Fiverr, yours should be larger~~ )

If you track them down and don’t know how to analyst your gigs, feel free to contact me via message:) I am interested in knowing your trends ~~ I think there will be a lot to share and dicuss for Fiverr data:)

These are some really interesting ideas. Thanks for a helpful thread with actual helpful replies!

I am overwhelm with different info here. thanks a bunch

wow nice idea

Reply to @sabiansoldier: Since this older thread has been brought back to top, I’m responding to this part to try and avoid what happened in the other thread mentioning the queue.

Just to be clear for anyone reading, the queue is visible again, has been for awhile, and I don’t think it is going away anytime soon.

Reply to @sabiansoldier: I don’t keep track either although I should too after I release most of my gigs from pause. I used to track mine in a spreadsheet although not a very good one. It did start to help me decide which gigs to just stop working on.

Reply to @sabiansoldier: That’s awesome to hear. Mine are so so, higher than last month, but not by a lot. I’m glad I have other gigs that are getting orders, because my main breadwinner doesn’t always deliver.

Are there hacks in the music industry? By that I mean people who can’t compose yet claim they do on Fiverr?

Reply to @mgjohn78: How are you calculating rent electricity? Awesome graph, by the way.