Use Fiverr Support. They rock!


This is just a quick shout out to the incredible folks behind the scenes at Support. Every query or issue I’ve had they managed to resolve expediently.

This is truly a magnificent universe to be part of.

Thank you!


After seeing so many posts of angry people saying “CS s*cks!!”,
this is a nice post to read.
Personally I have to say that all my past experience with the CS has been all good
and helpful too!


Very true. CS has always been super nice and super helpful to me!


sorry I don’t agree.


Fiverr Support is great. I have great experience with the service as always came up with the right solution to my problem.


Usually they are good. Just once I had a minor issue with them because the response rate went down, while I couldn’t reply to a spammer. But ever since I give a darn about the response rate anymore and all is fine.


I couldn’t agree more. They have fixed every (minor) problem I’ve had, cheerfully and quickly.


I must agree!! Fiverr Support is always super helpful with my queries. #Fiverr-Tips GOTEAMFIVERR