Use local media to promote your Fiverr gigs


Hi guys. Just wanted to give people some advice on promoting their fiverr gigs. As a marketing, public relations and media company who run 80 magazine sites and deal with the media all the time from magazines, radio and television stations I wanted to offer you some advice on getting more customers.

The media are always on the look out for stories, they need stories to sell their papers, magazines as well as filling up air time on television, so why are you not using these media outlets to promote yourself.

If you have a local radio station then research the station, find out if they have a drive time or a section during the day that they focus on local stories or interesting stories, if they do then contact them. Speak to them and explain what you are doing. You need to make it sound interesting, you need to think like a radio listener and what they would be interested in.

You can also do this with published magazines and newspapers, contact them, think what would you like to read about and then speak to them and get into your local paper or magazine.

By using the media you can increase your traffic to your gig and create sales. All you need to do is to think what would they be interested in.

For example. If you have high unemployment in your area and you were a mother of one then my advice would be, send a press release to the radio station with the title of, mother of one sells services online to provide future for her children.

Use the first paragraph to grab their attention.

The media need you, so my advice is use them. Contact them and promote yourself and increase your sales on fiverr.


If anyone needs advice then just send me a message or ask on here