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Use of a system other than Fiverr for ease of use


So i have a Gig through which we design and develop games for clients. In order to receive feedback from clients we upload the game to our servers where it is deployed on a virtual emulator so clients may play test the game without downloading the game.

This ensures that the game file is not delivered to the client because he may cancel the Gig after we deliver for play test and use the game files.

I wanted to know if Its alright to do.

Thanks! Have a great day! :slight_smile:

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What I’ve seen through TOS and through forum discussion, the only way fiverr suggests to send deliveries is, using fiverr delivery button only. If you have delivered your work completely according to buyers requirement, there is no way that buyer can cancel it.

hassnainali :dizzy:

This is ok. Website developers on fiverr use their own virtual servers to first show what they have designed to clients before final approval.

He can still cancel after delivery however. You would still need to deliver it to them.

How you do this would be ideally to install it for them somewhere rather then just send the files.

Before you deliver the game to them at final delivery get them to say specifically that the game is 100% perfect. And take a screenshot of that.