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Use of different accounts of different persons on a same wifi connection with same niche

Hi Respected Madam/Sir…!

I belongs to a freelancer’s family and we work on same internet connection (single wifi connection) now the problem is that how can we use different accounts of different persons on same niche. My wife and sister both are graphic designer they have their own laptops with personal bank accounts but their services on fiverr are same.

can we use their fiverr accounts on same wifi connection with their personal laptops… ? is there any problem with them…? if there is any issue then please tell us what kind of problem they will face…?

Please guide us with the solution of this problem… How can we solve it…?

KZ Productions57

Yes, it will look like one person with multiple accounts, which is a Terms of Service violation.

All of you will get banned.

Contact Customer Support, explain your situation to them, ask them for permission for your wife and your sister to open their Fiverr accounts, and ask them how to do it so that you don’t get banned.

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