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Use of Saved Favorites?

Hey Guys,
I was wondering what is the actual use of the Favorites Icon :heart:
Does it comes with some benefits for the seller?

It increases gig selling possibility that means buyers are liked your gig and make it favorite for buying in future.


That is for buyers to bookmark your gig, so they can find it later if they need it. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to buy from you.

Not really. When someone favorites your gig, all it means is that they’re somewhat interested in it, or comparing it with other gigs offering similar service, or something like that.

There’s a myth that, when a lot of people favorite your gig, you’re guaranteed to get many sales, but that’s nonsense.


Yup! I’ve read posts where people are willing to do :heart: for :heart:. Um, no thank you!
Completely useless strategy.


As a buyer, where do I find all the gigs that I saved :heart:

Go to the “Buying” tab, and you will see the option that says “Saved”

Yes I read the same too.