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Use Payoneer at your own peril!

I saw the new feature on fiverr for us freelancers to withdraw funds directly to our accounts. I thought to myself that it would be better to do that because I have a paypal account. Paypal has never given me any problem. The issue however was that my local bank takes five business days to clear paypal payments. So I thought I would save the five days and get the funds directly into my account. Three weeks later, I am still waiting!!!

I have been in contact with Payoneer. They have asked me for my bank statements and played every stalling trick in the book. I have complied with every single one of their requests because I did not want them to say I was not co-operative. The issue is that the balance on my Payoneer account reflects a $0.00 even though I made a withdrawal on the 14th of October.


All funds I withdrew through paypal later have arrived in my account!

Payoneer never treated me like that, however, 99% of the time I use PayPal even if it generates more e-mails. I can always delete e-mails. PayPal is also faster, I think.

Once upon a time I worked at a call center and did tech support for an income tax filing service. One of the refund options they offered was a pre-paid Mastercard serviced by a company that follows a similar pattern as Payoneer: high annual fee, high service fees, high fees period.

Because problems happen and money can get “lost” in their system (i.e., not apportioned to the appropriate pre-paid account), they would - in the name of safety and security! - insist on the customer supplying a zillion different forms.

And even then they’d find reasons to delay, ways to stall the customers, and even just outright lie about deposit information. The bottom line is that - in the USA, anyway - if the customer can’t get the money apportioned to their respective pre-paid Mastercard within three months, the law says that the handling company can keep the money for itself.

If you’re in this situation, the only way you’re going to see your money is if you get an attorney to draft a letter accompanied by proof that the money was sent to the handling company, and send a paper copy of that letter by certified mail to their legal department. Anything less, and I promise your money is as good as gone.

Could you drop me your ticket number in a PM and I’ll take a look into this for you.

Blatant phishing attempt. Reported.

@jamesbulls Great! I was about to report him! @cebiledube04 please DON’T SEND YOUR INFORMATION to anyone here if you need help you can only trust that’s the only way to contact them see phones and emails listed on their websites! furthermore, no one from Payoneer would ask for your login information! since they’re admin they already have the access to your account!

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NOTE: sivan_payoneer is a legitimate Fiverr user and a Payoneer employee. I understand the confusion and we are looking into ways to avoid it. in the meantime, it is now safe to utilize sivan_payoneer or nissim_payoneer as resources.

See this thread for other Payoneer details and Nissim’s email address is listed in this thread as well:

First thread by Nissim:

I am having the same issue. I just got the email saying they needed a voided check or bank statement. I thought I already gave them that information so sending it again seems phishy.

I asked for them to reverse/cancel the transfer and put the money back in fiverr. We’ll see if they comply.

I’ll just use PayPal from now on.

Paypal is the only way to go! But you have to get the paypal debit card! It’s easy and free! I looked at this new direct deposit and it is pointless and delayed still. If I withdraw funds today the funds are ready and accessible within minutes having the paypal debit card which is linked directly to the account and fees are minimal. Paypal is the safest most reliable company to use.

Update - Payoneer transferred the money back to fiverr but fiverr won’t allow the refund! So, now my money is in limbo. Avoid Payoneer. Just stick with PayPal if you can.

So you see, I am not the crazy one here! Thanks for coming out!

I use paypal with my local South African credit card. They are fast and their fees are low

Hey, I’m having the same issue I’ve asked payoneer to transfer back to fiverr, Did it work for you or how did you solve the issue? Thanks in advance.