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Use some diffrent technic for get more order,


every seller use the same technic when they create a gig or send a bayer request, but they don’t use this type of technic,

I always try to apply this type of technique,

I provide some extra facility when I get any order,

1/ when my client told me just install a theme and make same as demo, then i upload a logo in my client website, change website title, add favicon,
2/ index his / her website if it’s not index before,
3/ add google analytics tag
4/ add contact form 7, if not installed

and much more …


please stop spamming your link at the bottom of every single post you make today. I’ve flagged several already.


sorry sorry it’s my mistake i deleted my link can you see?


The only place you’re allowed to place your links on any forum post is in the My Gigs section. You can back out to the default forum screen under My Fiverr Experience and it says My Gigs. That is the only place it is allowed per the Terms of Service. It can offend people, turn people off from hearing you out and become obscene or offensive in many situations, I have an example: if a seller posts a link in their My Gig post, you’d wanna abstain from putting your link in their post. This kind of scenario would be seen as offensive because it’s every post, every topic, all over the forums. I don’t think you should get written up for a first offense (or whatever jargon word the moderators use) but if it continues, the person above has forewarned you about being flagged multiple times. It is a turn-off from your posts.


sorry for everything I am new in Fiverr that’s why it’s my mistake, I never share my link next time,


Read the terms of service just so you’re aware of all the rules and regulations.


i read it and i get more knowledge sorry for my previous fault,