Use The "Express" just for a net to catch buyers


I’ve had a seller promote their gig as 24 hours express delivery and within a few minuites of ordering it was set as completed. I then assumed they would get on and do the gig within 24 hours but that never happened.

Now, I didn’t buy the gig because it was express but I can see how this could attract more buyers and I don’t think it’s fair to people like me who set a reasonable time. I set a time I know I can commit to as to NOT disapoint people. I could set all my gigs to express and clean up but I suspect I would only deliver 90%.

But then again I suppose I could use this seller tactic and mark them all complete regardless, in the hope the buyer doesn’t notice or understand.

Do all seller have the ability to do express gigs ? if so perhaps it’s time to give that to only level sellers.


Well there it is, even solid trusted seller mark express gigs as complete when they are not. The express system can be abused so many ways;

Most common seems to be link sellers who buy high PR ranked domain then stick some lame content on them so they can quickly suck in the buyers who don’t realise the PR is going to die soon.

Then the are people just trying to rip others off - Fiverr tends to deal with these without buyer losing their money - Thumbs up for Fiverr support !

Then the are genuine sellers who due to not being able to contact buyers have to make an express gig complete or risk being punished for over due gigs. This in not how the system should be used.

I think both seller and buyer should be able to pause express gigs at least once and perhaps the “issue” button should stay on till the buyer completes or a number of days have past.

beatcraigslist said: It's a simple question: "Do you want A or B?", and he keeps answering with other things. Sheeese

Tell me about it.. I have a lot of these buyers, and I can't understand it either - I ask them something, and they either answer with a totally different thing that doesn't have anything to do with my question, or they resend the previous irrelevant answer over and over again, or they even go AWOL - I sometimes swear that these people don't know how to read!!

Oh, and to dot the "i", I once had a buyer who provided a vague response to my instructions and then disappeared - I obviously had to cancel the order since I was risking a late delivery warning, and after a week he came back and told me something like this:

I won't apologize to you. I was on vacation and couldn't answer. Where is my report?

WHAAAT?!?! I was like crazy, I was freaking out in my mind... so the man orders, goes on a 2 week vacation even tough I said in my gig's description that I work with responsive buyers only, and now he makes me feel like a slave to whom you don't apologize?! and he also wants his report that I never made since I cancelled the order?!?! (btw: I never asked him for an apology, don't know where that came from..).

I wanted so bad to tell him: You know, we are working real hard and overtime in here, we don't take prolonged vacations like you do in the middle of an order, so at least show us some respect!!


Finally took that off my chest. Feeling much better know, thanks :D

kickoff3pm said: Do all seller have the ability to do express gigs ?

Yes, all sellers have the ability to do express gigs.

kickoff3pm said: as completed. I then assumed they would get on and do the gig within 24 hours but that never happened.

You can always reject a delivered work.

How to:
On the order page, scroll down till you see this text

You can message your seller or resolve problems with this order.

Click on Resolve and then select 'Reject delivered work'


My gig is express and I always deliver on time :slight_smile:

kickoff3pm said: I could set all my gigs to express

You could do that, but think about this: what if Fiverr experiences downtime or other technical difficulties? You'll go into "late delivery" mode and lose rating, isn't that right?..


Reply to @lea_fr: I always wanted to make an express gig, but I’ve seen how the Fiverr site can become unresponsive or how it crashes for an indefinite period (not to mention scheduled maintenance) - so my question is: how did you manage to deliver on time when Fiverr was offline? :confused:


Still, no one seems to be willing to answer my question: how do express sellers handle delivery if the site is offline for a day like it happened before? Or when it crashes a few hours and delivery is due 1hr… Because I’m not aware of Fiverr delaying orders when they have technical difficulties…


Reply to @Woofy31: The answer is simple, DO NOT wait until one hour before to complete your gig. Since we are dealing with people on different time zones, I will complete the gig within a few hours of deadline at the most. Sometimes I do get people that for whatever reason just cant follow instructions and I have to mark it as completed to prevent problems. I have one guy right now that I have asked the same thing 3 times and he keeps giving me wrong answers. I dont understand what his problem is. It’s a simple question: “Do you want A or B?”, and he keeps answering with other things. Sheeese…


Reply to @beatcraigslist: LOL! Buyers can be a handful. I had a potential buyer like that today. He kept giving me vague answers, so I finally just turned down his project. Usually when someone’s a handful prior to purchasing, I already know what kind of day its gonna be. Lol.


Reply to @kickoff3pm: Well, to quote a Fiverr tech person: “There is no perfect system:slight_smile: