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Use "The Secret" meditation for success

Hello everyone,
I see a lot of Fiverr sellers coming to this forum with a lot of worries, they are worried that their impressions and clicks drop, they lose ratings, etc.
Actually, it is all a natural thing when you experience a decrease or get knocked out of the rankings. What is not natural is when you are too worried about it. Trust me that you will still be able to sell and have a good income on Fiverr even if you are not on the first page, or even when you do not find your GIG though.
I have been on Fiverr since 2012 and have experienced many things here and I will share tips for those of you who are currently feeling scared and worried about ratings and sales.

  1. Be fair and calm when you don’t find your GIG on the search page or when your impressions and clicks decrease. Editing the title, the description, and tag is fine, but by doing your research calmly first, don’t panic.
  2. Stay optimistic and enthusiastic when your efforts do not produce results.
    The key is don’t panic, don’t worry. Maintain a positive mind and attitude.

What to do now?
Maybe this is a little silly for some people but it always works for me. I never cared about ratings, impressions, or clicks but I still sell every day and still collect dollars.

Step 1:
Sit quietly and close your eyes, adjust the breath until you find calm.

Step 2:
Imagine the target you want to achieve, imagine your payment page is full of cash value waiting for the clearing period, or imagine your account book has a certain balance you want, or your wallet is full of cash.

Step 3:
Imagine that you have succeeded in achieving your desires. You have bought a car, a dream house, and have a lot of money as if they were real and you already have.

Step 4:
Feel your happiness then smile with all that you have accomplished.

I usually do this for about 30 minutes at bedtime. Do it as often as possible and you will get many orders even if you do not find your GIG on the search page.

Note: To support your success, have good goals in life, always be happy and care for others.

If you think this is ridiculous then don’t do it but if you think it is important then congratulations! You will be successful on Fiverr.

Good Luck! :blush:


Thank you so much. It is helpful.


Thanks for this,I will work on it


thank you so much for your valuable information.


Thanks for your valuable information

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This might be an unrealistic/unscientific approach for some people but I don’t see the problem at all,
it won’t hurt. In fact I do a little meditation-ish stuff every now and then and I believe it has helped.

What I will point out is that this meditation method will ONLY work after you create a professional looking gig. It can help you calm down etc, but I don’t think it will help with getting orders.
Clearly you are good at what you are offering, so that itself will bring in the orders eventually. :slight_smile:
Every now and then you might go through a dry-up period no matter how good your gigs are, so at
times like that a little meditation will help I think.

Just be sure to have a professional gig first, that’s the number one thing some sellers need to keep in mind.

I’m not trying to sound bitter/mean here (sorry if I am), but I’m afraid some sellers might think
simply staying calm and positive is what will bring in orders.


Thanks for sharing excellent tips. It’s very helpful to us.

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Thank you for sharing great knowledge with us :slight_smile:


I have incorporated these techniques, and I find them very useful :slight_smile:. I totally agree that you have to put in the work, and unless you are willing/prepared to manage what you want, you can actually create more problems and blocks for yourself. If you’ve done the research and put in the effort, it’s a matter of time.


Thanks for sharing! I guess it’s the same as the Law of Attraction ;ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on.

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Hi @zeus777,
Thank you for the response, I am writing this because seeing some sellers are confused, means they have already made GIG nice and professional, have to manage it as best as possible but still did not get good sales. Then it’s time for a spiritual approach. I am sure that those involved in this business on average have sufficient intelligence, it’s just that they are less fortunate and one of the factors is the lack of inner peace.
Meditation brings calm and good luck. A good (positive) thought and action will surely bring something good.
Do you know? Smart people will lose to those who are lucky. It is time to increase your luck rather than just being smart.

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Thanks for your good information.

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All problems start from the mind, including the obstacles we encounter in our work. Luck also comes from our own minds. Then create that luck. I agree with you. :blush: :blush: :+1:

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@tvint Yes, you are right, it’s just that I don’t need to explain The law of attraction here because it will make many people laugh :smile: :+1:


Thank you for cool advice :heartbeat:

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Absolutely… Once I paused my gig and even after a few hours was unable to find it and panicked. Then I realised, wait, I am still getting orders so just went back to doing what I was doing! lol


@bintzia Stay calm and happy, that is all it takes. Congratulations :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blush:

The law of attraction “works” when you imagine and truly BELIEVE on a deep level that you are about to attain the thing you want or already have it.

It’s nothing to do with spiritual powers though, it’s a psychological thing.

We subconsciously change our behaviours based on how we think.

So if we think like a successful person, then we subconsciously start taking the actions that a successful person would make.

This is why it appears that we “attract” what we focus on. Because obviously successful behaviour will bring us successful results.

It’s just marketed as this spiritual “secret” to sell more books and courses on the subject.


@nomadsolutions Thanks for your attentions. :+1:

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Thank you .Its very helpful

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