Use Your Local Media To Promote Your Gig


Hi guys. I think a lot of you out there are missing out on some great ways to market your Gigs.

As a media company which publishing magazines, has a Public Relations Department and Marketing department we know full well what opportunities are out there for you guys and I feel you are missing out big time.

It does not matter if you live in America, Spain, France, UK or Australia, you could be using the media to help generate more sales for your Gig and could even become an expert to the media who will call on you for advice where each time they would promote you and your service.

We deal with the media everyday of our working lives and the secret about the media is, they need you.

What I mean by this is:

A newspaper editor needs to fill its publication for people to buy it and for people to advertise in it, if they do not have great stories then people will stop reading it and advertisers which are the bread and butter of the publication will stop spending their hard earned money. So editors need people like you.

Have a look around and see what newspapers are in your area, think about your gig and then approach them with a story, think of a way to get them interested in what you are doing on fiverr, think of something that would get them to sit up and take notice and promote you for free.

When we put our customers in newspapers we always have to think of a way in, we think about what would the newspaper editor want from us and if you do this then you could get free advertising. Also by getting a good relationship with your local newspaper they would come to you if they needed experts in your field.


Radio stations that have talk shows are the same as newspapers. Get yourself onto the radio and talk about your gig, tell them why you are offering your gig on fiverr and by doing this you could see your traffic to your gig and sales increase.

Remember, the media to attract advertisers need great stories and you could provide them and at the same time get some great free advertising.

Do not miss out, promote your gig for free.