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Useful Suggestions for Improvement

  1. Make it easier to write an e-mail!
    Frankly I cannot find the button to start conversations. Isn’t very user friendly. What about to just post a button with written “new message” in the messages inbox?

  2. Should be given the faculty to reject a job proposal. I may not want to take a job. I think I should be able to reject an assignment if I like.

  3. Should be given the option to block harassers.

  4. Communication with Customer support should be easier.

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I’m pretty sure we have everything you are asking for already?

Not sure what you mean with the first one, I assume you are talking about messaging/contacting sellers on Fiverr? As communicating with users outside of Fiverr (through email for example) is against the ToS. The contact button is already there on your profile:

You can cancel any order at any time, just click the “Resolve Now” button on an order and you will see the options to cancel it.

You can also block users from sending you messages if they have sent you a message already, there’s a “Report” button where you can report someone and prevent them from messaging you in the future.

I’m not sure how could Fiverr improve their Customer Supports panel, the current ticket system is what pretty much every huge business uses.


Thank you for your answer. However, while I am trying to navigate this website I am still a little confused.
For example, when I access my inbox in my personal e-mail connected with my account on Fiverr, I find messages, I click from inside my e-mail inbox and I get to read my messages. So far so good.
But then, when I access my Fiverr App from my phone and I enter in my inbox, I don’t find the same messages…how so?
Thank you for your answer.