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Useful Tips & Tricks to Improve Your Sales

Hi all!

I have made some observations from my experience as a buyer and a seller here. Now I want to share them with you guys. Hopefully these will be useful for you in order to enhance your sales here at Fiverr.

1. Use only your best works in your Gig’s Gallery

Gig’s primary image and gallery are one of the most important factors in terms of your success here. I have noticed that many of the images in the gig’s galleries are quite bad and doesn’t fit properly to the Fiverr’s platform.

Make sure that you use proper sized and only your best works in your Gig’s gallery. Your clients will be very disappointed if the delivery you submit to them doesn’t match the examples in your gallery.

2. Learn and Learn More

Learn how Fiverr works. You’re already in the right direction when you’re reading this. Learn from others, but don’t copy anything from them. You will be a successful seller when you know the market you’re operating.

3. Think and Do from the buyer’s point of view

Buyers will make your success possible. Before you write, deliver or do anything else for your customers, think it from your buyer’s point of view. How can you be useful to your customer?

As an example, I personally want to improve my buyer’s sales with my gig’s.

4. Sell actively and offer extras

Sell hard and respond personally to all 10 buyer requests per day. But remember, offer just what your customer asks for. No one should be spammed here and it’s anyways prohibited by TOS (Fiverr’s Terms of Service).

If your customers are satisfied with your delivery, provide more extras to them at an affordable price. You can also surprise your customers with free gifts :wink:

5. Be You

Do what you know and do best. Always deliver top quality products to your buyers. Be friendly, humble and brisk.

I am sure that with hard work you will succeed here!

All the best,


Thank you so much for your Tips & Tricks

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That can get you in trouble with Customer Support. They might see it as trying to bribe your customers to get better reviews.


Didn’t know that! Thanks so much for letting me know!

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@startforte you are really awesome. Thank you very much for your nice tips. :heart_eyes:

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You’re welcome! :smile:

Thank you so much for your Tips & Tricks

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thanks a lot for your valuable suggestion@startforte

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Thank You So Much For TIPS

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wow!!! Thanks for your valuable tips @startforte

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Nice write up…Keep it up. Thanks