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Useless Webpage Designs

Hello Brains Trust,

I would appreciate some advice as to what to do.

I created a website using Sitebuilder but wanted to use particular colours and fonts which were not available. I put a buyer request into Fiverr asking if someone could design pages for me stating clearly that I was using Sitebuilder. I paid AUD$120.00 for 3 webpages and I had expected that these would already be uploaded to my website and it would be ready to go.
The seller provided me with a zip file and told me that uploading was not part of the original quote which was for designing. That this was actually web development and was a totally different thing.

I put this question on the forum and was advised that this was correct but that it would be an easy matter to upload the files to my website.

I have received the files in photoshop and jpeg form and tried to upload them. Without success.

Sitebuilder have informed me that I can only upload PDF or jpeg files as an image. They said I cannot use my custom colour or fonts.

What I am annoyed about is that the web designer accept the job knowing Sitebuilder was the webpage and was not aware, or did not tell me that I would not be able to use the designs.

I did not have the expertise to design my own website in a professional way which is why I was using a web designed.

Apart from feeling very annoyed and foolish about the wholematter, I would appreciate advice as to how to proceed. Should I just cut my losses with Sitebuilder (I paid AUD$80.00 for 12 months), engage another host site that can use my designs or just do it myself?
Thanks for any advice.

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Wen design is tricky especially for people who never encountered it before.

There are web designers who just make a design (like your seller and in that case that’s correct that they prepare psd and jpg files) because that’s design

And there are front end developers who design everything end to end with coding

There are also people who provide let’s say Wordpress design using existing themes and adjusting them to make a website look custom.

You don’t have to cut your losses.
You can hire a developer who will be able to implement/write a code to implement the design that you have into a web page.

120$ sounds about right for just a design.
Proper front end development cost way way way more.

But of course it will be great to hear from sellers that work directly with web development as that is not my niche.


I hope the Seller you chose had some real design experience.

I say that because sadly, many Sellers on this and other freelance platforms do not exactly have the skills “as advertised.”

While this doesn’t help you, I’m going to apologize on behalf of those of us here on Fiverr who are actually professionals in our fields.

I think you may want to follow up with CS.

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Correct designing is very important. I think probably it’s more important than coding itself, or developing the website. I suggest to focus following this, if you have a good design anything else becomes “automatic”…

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I don’t think I have a case with CS. I accepted the design and even though I am not sure I can use it, there is nothing wrong with it. I have informed the seller what has happened and will wait for her reply. I was relying on her knowledge that this would work.