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User Account no longer available, but order still active - Can't Cancel buyer's order?

I have two orders where the buyers placed the order and then cancelled their accounts where I get a message that they are no longer an active user.

However, the orders are still active? I tried to do a cancellation, but it won’t let me because it says buyer no longer active to accept messages.

How do I cancel these inactive users’ orders so that they don’t get marked late in my queue? The are still running and the timer is ticking even though these users no longer exist.

try to delivery your orders with the work even if he will not receive the work

I’m so sorry to hear that you’re experiencing such unexpectedly confusing issue. I recommend that you try and document all communication between you and this buyer, take screenshots of relevant pages, and see if you can at least try and complete the order anyway and deliver it. And of course I would also recommend that you contact customer service.

I hope you get this resolved soon and please come back here and share with us how it goes… sorry I wasn’t able to give you any better suggestions.



I don’t believe users can cancel their accounts. The user may have been banned from the site for something they did after they placed the order with you. There is not really an easy step by step right thing to do. Document everything you can in your messages and messages to CS. If the order is reviewed later, it needs to be clear that you actively tried to work it.

If you haven’t completed or started the work, you could keep trying to cancel it and contact CS and let them know you need a mutual cancellation because you haven’t receive from the customer what you need to complete their order.