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User account you are Looking for is No Longer Available - on Dashboard Page

I am a Seller in this platform,
Suddenly This message “User account you are Looking for is No Longer Available”
Appeared on my dashboard page and Earnings page. I tried refreshing also. It was there for like 5 minutes,
And later disappeared.
I am Pretty terrified and Confused.! Please help!

It’s appearing in the case of other people too. I see it from time to time, in fact I’ve been seeing it for weeks.

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I guess it’s just some website issue, because I see it from time to time as well

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Thanks for your Quick response!!
So, You say its Nothing to worry… right?

Thank you so much for your quick reply!!
I was confused and terrified. because Once i got banned from the site when i was new on fiverr…

Don’t worry - almost every seller goes through this

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:innocent: :innocent: :handshake: