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User asking for cancel order!

User say he and me does not on the page of what he is wanting… And he is saying that he wants to cancel the order and he will pay me some money for my time and effort…
There are two options
Should I accept or decline?
Does this will affect on my profile or gig?

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How is he planning to pay you for your time and effort if you cancel the order? Sounds like they may be trying to get free work from you.


Exactly if you cancel the order you will not receive the payment, and doing a partial payment is not possible.


Refuse the cancellation - and force him to go through customer service if he wants to pursue it (make it hard for him, since he’s clearly trying to steal your time and effort.)

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OK so I am going to decline this

Yes you should! If you did the work as outlined in your gig description, you should decline it.

Decline without prejudice.

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Done bro… I have declined

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Yes! That’s what you should do!