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User “can no longer be contacted” but it apperared to be a real buyer?

I’ve read that this happens when Fiverr bans a buyer, but I just think it’s really odd happening right after I sent a sketch to the guy (a five minutes one, so no real trouble there)
He didn’t look like a scammer because he even sent his Instagram ,he’s kind of a small twitcher and all, I found him in several places
Unless it was someone passing as him, I just find it odd that he was banned right after I sent a very simple sketch, so there was nothing even worth to “steal” from what I sent
Did you guys pass trough something similar?

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We’re not really supposed to exchange social media details on here. Fiverr kind of worries those details would be used to do business off the site.

You never know, your potential buyer may have been banned for unknowingly breaking the Terms of Service.

Or, maybe they sent their details to other buyers, too, and Fiverr thought they were spamming. Lots of things can go on behind the scenes. The bots that are supposed to catch rule breakers aren’t exactly nuanced.

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I see, he actually sent so I could see his mascot that was there as an example, not to show his Instagram as to spam
Anyway. thanks!


just a thought to consider: you see the message “can no longer be contacted” if buyer also blocks you, not only when their profile is blocked.
If you sent him your work in messages without an actual order that is a big possibility that he just blocked you without paying.
But there is also a big chance that he blocked if he was sharing his outside fiverr contact details.


That was actually my first thought, but honestly, it was such a simple sketch that was nothing to steal
Regardless, I found his Twich, Instagram and Discord, if he does try to use the design I made, I have proof that I sent the original to him

BTW I just checked in another brownser, his account was really deleted/banned because there’s nothing by searching it.
Wierdly enough, his username here was exacly the same he uses everywhere so it’s really easy to find him

You really shouldn’t be looking for buyers on social media. That’s an utter invasion of their privacy. Totally wrong.

He literally sent me his Instagram because his mascot was there, and also his sites where he sells his merch.
I only went to look after I got the message because I thought he could be a scammer.
And it was not his personal pages, it was his character online which he uses to stream, I don’t even now his name, just his nickname online that he uses in social media.

Just to give an update, his account came back, but he never awnsered me. But when I went to check if his page was back, I saw that he just choose another seller, and no, he didn’t use my design or anything close to it.

Maybe he just really had an account problem and decided to use another seller anyway.