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"user can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate"

I had my computer sitting asleep while I went and worked on something else in my house. I come back and check and see that I have messages. I went and read them not realizing that at the bottom was a message from Fiverr that says “user can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate”. The user sent me a hi message saying his name and that he’s from China. He sent me another message that says he’d like to discuss an interesting thing with me. He then sent me a google docs link. I clicked on the user and I can’t see his account. I’m just curious if he blocked me or if Fiverr blocked his chat system because the link is spam or something.

If someone could explain, that’d be great.

Thank you

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Fiverr blocked him because he is a spammer. They deleted his account, so there is no account for you to send a response to – hence the “this user can no longer be contacted” message. :wink:


He was blocked because he’s a spammer.
It won’t affect your response rate

He is a serial spammer. I have seen it before, the same guy, same method.
Fear such.

Are there a lot of these people out there on Fiverr? I have another person who messaged me today and it’s telling me the same thing. Just curious

Its Spam. Got lot of it too. Block and report.

It happens at times when you are getting impression on your gig
Just ignored.
At times I will only tell the buyer that am not interested

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