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(user) cannot be contacted and has taken my money £300

Hi I bought a product for my site to be worked on for two months by someone. I accepted before because I thought he was doing ok. Now for a whole month I can’t get through to him properly. And he’s not getting the work done. *********

Mod Note: Username removed.

  1. You can’t negatively call out sellers by name as it’s against the forum rules.

  2. The terms of service say services can’t be for >30 days (did he extend the delivery time or were there revisions that took it over 30 days?).

  3. You can Contact Fiverr Customer Support about this.

  4. If the order is still active you have the option of requesting a cancellation which would refund the money except for service charges if accepted.

Ok I didn’t know about the first part. But I accepted because he was doing good at the start told me he needed to carry on so the account needed to be paid.

And asked for my acceptance

So I paid him for the first month £150 then next month was a problem when I paid him £150 again

If he’s not responding it’s probably best to contact CS (customer support) about the issue.

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