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User cannot be contacted directly for privacy issues

How do I respond to a user/buyer if I am getting a pop up that states “user cannot be contacted directly for privacy issues”? I need some help with this so that I can respond to the buyer and get clarification.

When you have been contacted by a buyer, and you still see that notification when you try responding, it usually means that their account has been banned for spam or something and they’re no longer on fiverr.

Reply to @xpertmarketer:

Thanks for the prompt response. I appreciate it.

its probably the users fault, he blocked comunications with you.

This happened to me today, i think they blocked the buyer or something and i lost the work that i’ve delivered 2 weeks ago, and the worst thing is that the girl is using the art work i sent and now i have no money from that project :frowning: this is the first negative thing i see on fiverr.

Reply to @vanesita_6: Do you mean that the buyer cancelled a previously delivered order? Sounds like she did a Paypal chargeback which breaks Fiverr’s terms of service and causes her account to be deleted by them. If you have proof that she is using your delivered work (you can do an image search if you’re not sure), then I strongly urge you to contact the web provider of her blog/website to point out that she is using stolen intellectual property, and file a DMCA complaint with the service against her. Most websites don’t want to get involved in legal matters over what they consider a minor incident and will often shut the offender’s site down. Otherwise she will continue to do this.

Reply to @celticmoon: Yes, the order had more than a week, i was in the day 12 before getting the money, her name is Justinereichman, yesterday i wrote to CS and sent all the captures of the orders, her feedback about my work and everything, and also the link i found of my work in a facebook page, she sold the logo to some girl in Switzerland and she even comment in the profile picture: “i love the new logo (smily face)” -_-" you have no idea how much i’m hating her! hahahahahaha we need to be careful about this kind of people.