User feedback & money


How do I leave official feedback to a seller? I hired someone for a gig that would take a week to complete. Nearly toward the end, while I eager waiting and was expecting the product, she tells me to complete it, she needs $55 more. I said, “Hell NO! Cancel the order!” She agreed to cancel the transaction but I’d like to leave seller feedback. How do you do that?

Also, Fiverr refunded money to my Fiverr account but I’d like it returned to my bank account. Can this happen?


both your requests not possible… reviews are allowed on completed orders only…


Once you agree to cancel, you can’t leave feedback. Not really fair to leave feedback on an order you didn’t get.
Sometimes I see that Fiverr does private feedback but meh


This has happened to me too, the seller did not complete the work I bought and I wanted to leave a review and warn about fraud. Once its canceled you cant leave feedback, and its withdrawn to your Fiverr account.

The only way to get it to your bank I think is become a seller? And withdraw? But that might not work if you didn’t get it from an order. So it may not be possible as stated above :frowning: