User Friendly?


Why does it have to be so difficult to upload a video or pic? Really? I cannot get my gig approved because my pic is is not good enough? I understand the importance of a decent pic or video, but it’s a 5 dollar gig site. Can anyone tell me what to use to get the right pic? My Fugi digital camera is evidently not good enough, nor is my webcam. I am about to go to another site to sell my gig, or advertise on Craigslist.


From the Fiverr Blog…

Cover Photo

1100 x 260 pixels, JPEG, full frame from side to side and a maximum of 2MB. You must own the image. No Ads or text allowed on your image

Gig Photos

Allows you three images as well as video. Images must be 682 x 459 pixels and no more than 2MB each.