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User Govt ID Card Verification

Why not Fiverr verify every user Govt issued ID Card.
Or may have other options like Driving license, Passport, Birth Certificate Or any other doc.

Benefits: There will be no confusion if someone is accessing his/her account from Public wifi, office wifi etc
Because they are worried that if someone else is using his/her Fiverr account from the same wifi,
Fiverr will think of it a single user with multiple accounts and will suspend his/her account.

               2) By verifying ID Card of each user, In case if there are users with multiple accounts and still alive 
                   they will be suspended because they will not be able to Provide ID Card for their second account.

This is just my Opinion, Please share yours.


That’s touchy in itself but Fiverr does call for such documentation when you’re trying to reset things on your account; like security questions for example. Though it wasn’t asked for at the start they did request to confirm my identity.

I imagine that would be far too much work for Fiverr to maintain, document, and keep track of. It isn’t Fiverr’s responsibility to investigate the national credentials of every seller on Fiverr. Do you realize how massive of a task that would be, with sellers from so many different countries?

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Yeah, that would be a big task for Fiverr.
But I have seen other platforms which verify these documents.
If they can, Why not Fiverr?

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Do you think people can’t find a way to submit fake ids? I think fiverr already controls things upto an extent with the help of Paypal and Payoneer. And the whole idea would change to a different thing. Here you can be seller and buyer at the same time. Now imagine your clients submitting their ids before signing up.

If the System is strong I don’t think they will be able to submit fake ids.
My topic is only for sellers, not for Buyers.

I have a question about this…now clear