User Guide for Fiverr?


If I am a buyer and post a request for a specific Job (on the right side of the page under requested gigs), how will it get answered? Can anyone respond and where does that response go?

Also, can we contact sellers that look capable of doing these specific jobs by just clicking on one of their current gigs, and describing the gig that we would actually want done to see if they are willing to complete it?

Thanks in Advance


I’d suggest that whatever you want can be found on fiverr already.

If it gets answersed at all, you will see it in your “conversation” ( from the vendor offering to do the gig)

What is it your looking for.

You may contact sellers. Some of us even like that :slight_smile: LOL (Some of us – points to self – does not).


You can contact the sellers but some people might not like it.

Hey, I am a seller, what are you looking for ? :wink:

Just kidding… but seriously


Good question. For requests, just click on the link and tell the requestor that you can fulfull the gig and ask any questions.


If you post as you said, folks can respond via your Inbox.


You are in luck! In the new year I am putting together a video user guide on how to use Fiverr for both buyers and sellers. Cleared it with support earlier this week. So watch this space.


Fiverr could use a really nice user guide for the newbies.


A user guide would be great and please include tips for Buyers! I’m new here and have no clue how much info a seller would need to create an eBook cover for a fiction book, children’s or grown-up’s.


A user guide would be great I have had so many clients order my family tree gig and then want the extras (documents and photos and not know how to get back to the original order much less scroll down and choose an extra and don’t get me started if they ordered 2 units of the family tree gig, then they can’t even order the Extras


Reply to @arnevb: Looks like we had the same idea! If you want to collaborate as I said I would in the previous thread, happy to do that :slight_smile:

Bye for now


Reply to @arnevb: Sure !




Quite frankly, I don’t believe that there is a solid user guide. Nevertheless, with the new site changes I’m sure there are alot of people who are getting confused with setting up a fiverr account. Do you think people would rather want more information on how to navigate the site?


I would love more info on using this site. I end up going in circles trying to pin down the gig or hold onto the seller. Also what should we be using to communicate withthe seller the inbox or the speech bubble. Does Fiverr always send an email notification when the work is ready? It seems to be random. Also, sometimes buyers should make an effort to communicate with the sellers by trying to use an online translator -

This was helpful to me. I realized that there were many words that could not be translated from English to another language. It did help with the communication. :wink: