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User I blocked over a year ago just placed an order

How is this possible? They’re still blocked, I just checked. There is still an option to “unblock” and I am not able to contact them via my inbox.


I think it’s a bug.

They can’t message but can place orders.

I’ve found the same.

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There was a similar complaint a month ago and it turned out to be a bug. I was sure it was taken care of but apparently not.

Makes me wonder if block button has ever worked at all. Or some of us are just lucky to be left alone by people we’ve blocked up to a certain point.


I’m sure it must work at least in the inbox because I’ve definitely had the last word with a couple very rude buyers who I’m sure would have sent more messages if they hadn’t been blocked.

Also, I’m sure this buyer is still unable to message me, because they haven’t been incessantly sending me messages every hour asking why their order isn’t ready yet (which is why I blocked them to begin with after their last order).


That’s how blocking worked until 2 (-ish?) years ago, though. You could block people from messaging you but not from placing orders. With some messages occasionally slipping through anyway. Which was ridiculous because what’s even the point.

Then they’ve improved the blocking mechanics (or so I thought). I’m just hoping it’s a bug that rolls it back to the previous state and it’ll be fixed. I’m so not looking forward to face a few individuals that I’ve assumed I’ve blocked.


I was informed by cs two days ago:

Blocking is now just for messages.

Orders can be placed by blocked users.


Urgh… :unamused:

What a pointless feature.


So what if you need to talk to them to get the order done or they want revisions?

And buyers who get blocked because they insult sellers, use profanities and such may still place orders? Great idea.

I don’t know, maybe just get rid of that alibi block button then, at least we know where we stand then.

If the reason for this change was that Fiverr found too many sellers blocked too many buyers for “no good reason”, maybe it would have been a better idea to reduce the reasons for which buyers may be blocked from ordering instead of simply getting rid of the blocking from ordering altogether?

Thanks for sharing the info, good to know.


to be honest, I now never block buyers or leave buyers anything less than a 5-star review. Every time I did, a buyer would explode in blind fury.

It doesn’t matter if a buyer is threatening, insulting, or just generally appalling to communicate with, the minute they see you have some kind of power to rebuke them, they go into full vengeance mode.

I can only imagine the number of disgruntled buyers that have raved furiously at CS agents since these features were introduced. Really, it would be better if blocking buyers could be moderated.

i.e. If a seller reports a buyer for being abusive, Fiverr could look to see if they have been and then block them from the site temporarily with a warning about how being threatening or abusive is against TOS.


Then why is blocking even a feature :joy: I can mark someone’s message as spam and ignore them. I don’t need to block them from messaging me. The whole point is so that I don’t have to work with them in the future.


Yeah, this is nuts but I’ve had pretty much the same experience. However I’m now just totally honest when I review a buyer. I used to only leave 5-star reviews, because I honestly understand that some people do have bad days and you can’t take it personally. But I had a couple mediocre reviews lately from clients who were more trouble than they were worth, and it made me decide to just be honest when reviewing them. If you’re hard to work with, I’m not going to give you 5 stars. I bend over backwards for pretty much all of my clients so there’s no excuse to be impolite.


Yes, that’s a point. To complete the order, I think, seller must unblock the buyer.

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Oh, it’s cool to know we’re back to our old ways. Way to go, fiverr.

If someone I’ve blocked places an order with me I will go straight to CS and ask them to cancel it. I will not be forced into working with someone whose behavior I find unacceptable. They are not making it easy for themselves.

The logic behind this is seriously mind-blowing. I can manage abuse in my inbox (that fiverr does nothing about, btw) just fine. What I can’t manage is people placing orders out of spite.


I would normally do this, but (shamefully) I actually asked this person to leave me a review 2+ years ago when I first started selling and hadn’t read the ToS yet. Yes yes I know, naughty me, but I was a naive little up and coming seller then, and the message is still there in my inbox and I’m worried about CS penalizing me for it. Anybody know if there’s a statute of limitations for review solicitation? :joy::sweat_smile:


I think if you did it when it was allowed (I believe it was allowed at that point) it should be fine.


Oh, nice. I didn’t know it was ever allowed. Thanks!

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There’s a big, now obsolete, thread that explained to sellers how to ask buyers for review modification, which once was allowed as well. You should be fine. As long as the support person looking at it is aware that it was okay back then …

Ideally it would be moderated, yes. I kind of hope it is anyway, at least if someone gets blocked by several people, someone should look into it, similar to the flag system here.

I hardly ever block buyers, just twice, and those were very justifiable blocks. I usually only block spammy, scammy and assorted sellers.
Still, I’d like to have the option to block (perhaps-to-be) buyers precisely because I wouldn’t block for minor reasons.


That’s the question that I’ve been trying to find an answer for years on this platform. It’s just funny to me at this point.

I remember when even blocking the messages was “temporary”. You’d block a person, go to bed and wake up to insults and general craziness. And CS would tell you there was no bug, it was meant to be “temporary”.

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:exclamation: that’s just dandy.

We don’t have any choice in who we work with. Makes no sense to me. I thought when someone was blocked they couldn’t see our gigs and profile but I guess that’s not the case now.

So someone can realize they are blocked by us but place an order just to cause problems for revenge.

What happens when we get an order from someone we have blocked but they can’t use the message system to communicate with us Are they still sending us messages in that we can’t see? So now with each order we should check to make sure we haven’t blocked them, or risk missing their messages.

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The buyer in my case told me in a message last year that I was mentally ill and I should visit a clinic.

I blocked them on the spot.

Then fast forward a year later when I get a new message from them, asking me if I am willing to do a lot of work for very little money.

Now I know that some messages tend to slip past the spam filter (btw the “block” is a glorified spam feature, nothing more) so I messaged CS asking them if an order can also break through the “barrier”.

To which they responded: “errr just because you blocked them doesn’t mean they can’t order from you” (paraphrased a bit)

So yeah, not really sure why we even have the block feature.

By the by: last year I could have sworn that when you blocked someone via the mobile app, you got an automated message telling you they also couldn’t order from you. That message no longer appears. Anyone else remembers that?