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*** User is a cheater

Hello! user ********** asked me to do some for for him/her. I did everything he wanted. But in the end he didn’t pay me. Now he don’t reply to my messages and don’t accept the offer. Please, don’t work like this users. And be careful, don’t do any work before they pay.

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It’s horrible that it’s still happening but it will be a good lesson for you.

Fiver has rules on how to work with clients and they strongly encourage to do all work only after buyer placed an order otherwise they are unable to protect you.

You basically decided to give work for free for that person. Please read fiverr TOS and watch fiverr help videos on how fiverr works


Also it might be that that user no longer has a Fiverr account so can’t contact you.

Just like any contract work, NEVER start until the contract has been finalized.

I’m not sure this person is a cheater, though, since they didn’t actually buy it. Agreeing isn’t buying. Agreeing isn’t a contract.

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first problem is, such people technically can cancel there order after paying, so I don’t see clear difference between them

second problem: I think he/she didn’t block me, because, I can see his/her profile.
And he/she didn’t close profile, because my friend contacted him/her.

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I can’t see their profile on the live site but I can see it in the Google cache of the site.
So the user’s profile and gig have recently been removed from Fiverr (or deactivated).

You could check on a browser that is logged out so you can see that it no longer shows (the profile/gig) in a way that is unaffected by your logged in status.

You have to wait for your client to place order before working for them. I had so much of this experience when I first started on fiverr.

The difference is it’s harder for them to cancel after delivery than it is for them to just not start the order/accept the offer in the first place. If they try to cancel you can decline specifying a reason if you want to (though they can request cancellation again etc.). If they want to cancel through CS they have to convince CS to cancel/that there’s a valid reason for doing so (eg. if the seller hadn’t given them what they asked for).

If you wanted you could have shown some sort of demo that showed you could do what they require (if it doesn’t take long) but without giving them everything (ie. without the source code if it’s an app and they want the source code too). Maybe just something that proves you can do it but without giving them it in a usable form.

But like has been said, it’s best not to do the full/proper work on it without an order.

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